Happy bluejayblog Day

I want to be the first person to wish you and yours a most auspicious, curious, happy bluejayblog Day.  You may be among the many who are unaware of this holiday, so I’ll tell you about this international commemoration.

People who regularly stop by this blog, know that I frequently like to celebrate obscure and arcane events. Many people already enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and a few of us commemorate the Ides of March.  March is also sort of famous for National Chip and Dip Day, Cuddly Kitten Day, National Puppy Day, International Waffle Day, International Daylight Savings Day, Alien Abductions Day, and Kick Butts Day. Bluejayblog Day just happens to be one of those days that only people in the know, know about.

International bluejayblog Day came about after some serious thought about what I wished to celebrate on March 26th. I’m so happy and thankful for the many mundane and amazing aspects of life as a human being in this day and age.  That’s why my slogan says, “Here are my observations as I reach for understanding.”

There are so many things that pique my attention and interest.  Our modern world is filled with fascinating technology and individuals.  History, of all sorts, has captured my attention ever since childhood. Then there are psychology, eastern philosophy, floral arts, literature, music, civil rights activism, the environment, archaeology and everything else.  The act of writing posts for this blog enables me to focus on just one aspect at a time, yet does not hinder the range of topics for me to choose for each day.

Importantly, this is a platform for me to practice writing and to keep my compositional skills fresh.  I’ve been interested in journalism and the media since childhood. I’ve been seriously focused on it ever since my involvement with the Irving Junior High School monthly newspaper in Lincoln, Nebraska during the mid-1960s. The school was one of the very few in the nation to print a regular periodical, complete with photographs, with newspaper ink on newsprint paper.  If memory serves me correctly, the printing contract was held by the Lincoln Journal/Star Company.

That early exposure to journalistic standards is something I’m very grateful for.  It’s where I learned, by heart, the “five W’s and an H” (who, what, why, where, when, and how). The “five W’s and an H” has served me well professionally, and personally.  If you look closely at my writing, you’ll find these aspects of my junior high lesson. When these six questions are asked in everyday living, curiosity and healthy skepticism are cultivated. It’s hard to be intellectually lazy if you habitually utilize the “five W’s and an H”.

Ever since bluejayblog’s first incarnation at “Yahoo! Plus” back in 2010, I have never missed a single day of writing. It was the corporate downsizing of “Yahoo! Plus” that brought me to “WordPress” and its more powerful, flexible platforms. It was another instance of an ending bringing about the beginning of something better. This platform has made it easy for me to write something each day.  Even if I come down with the flu or a serious cold, I want to write.MakeHolidayDay-03

Sometimes I daydream about journeying to all the countries, cities, and locales where my readers live.  To do so would probably occupy me for the rest of my life.  I’d love to personally meet my subscribers, face to face. I know that I’d learn many things and become much closer friends with you all.  Who knows? Bluejayblog would expand and transform into something bigger.  It’s nice to daydream, but I’m quite happy in the where and when I’m at for now.

So, what spurred me to create bluejayblog Day?  That’s easy, today is also “Make Your Own Holiday Day”.  This is a day when anyone at all may feel free to invent and MakeHolidayDay-02celebrate anything we wish.  It’s an international commemoration that was dreamed up by the “Wellness Permission League”.  I don’t know much about that group.  I checked out their website and didn’t find very much there.  The short page does invite people to post events.  Nobody has done so, yet.

Because today is “Make Your Own Holiday Day” mark your own calendar with red ink to celebrate whatever it is that you’re going to celebrate.  You may wish to remind yourself to do the same thing on next year’s calendar, too.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate bluejayblog Day in the true spirit of the holiday. Practice the “Five W’s and an H”.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness is sincerely thankful for each and every person who visits bluejayblog.

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