National Library Week

There are some people who wonder if public libraries are important in this age of the Internet. To those of us who need authoritative sources and information, the answer is yes, indeed. I don’t just spout some niceties about libraries because this is National Library-01Library Week. I base the statement on what is going on in my town.

The Norfolk, Nebraska Public Library will soon begin its physical expansion project. The tight-fisted Norfolk voters actually approved a three year, half-cent, city sales tax increase to fund the improvements.

A “Space Needs Study” was undertaken last year. It recommended that there needed to be expanded parking, more study space, work areas for staffers, more area for youth, community meetings, and library programs. There also needed to be more storage area for electronic access, the books and other materials.

The town feels strongly enough about the importance of our library, that about 38,000 square feet will be added to the current building.  Taxpayers will foot the expected cost of about $7,442,000.Library-02

Of course, I’m going to plug the library, because I have a first-name relationship with many of the staffers.  Not only do I check out books on a regular basis, I utilize some of the other services, as well.  The library is an important part of my lifestyle. Evidently, I’m in good company, because an average of 47 Nebraskans visit our town’s library each hour.

Library-03The American Library Association also backs up my claims. The group says that overall, libraries are reclaiming their reputation as the go-to source for information in many fields. There’s the added advantage of having flesh and blood help on hand, too.

This week, is National Library Week.  It first began in 1958.  It’s sponsored by the American Library Association and local libraries.  The goal is to increase public awareness of the vital importance of libraries. All libraries are recognized this week. Including academic libraries, special libraries, school libraries, and community public libraries.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited your local library, today is a good day to reestablish your relationship with it.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that tomorrow will be National Library Workers Day.  It is observed on Tuesdays of each National Library Week.

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4 Responses to National Library Week

  1. becstock says:

    i love the library, I’m actually thinking on publishing some of my work.

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