The past couple of weeks the bare branches of trees and shrubbery have been filling out with foliage again.  I’ve been enjoying the new growth and greening unfolding this spring.  This time of the year brings out a sense of optimism from most people, too. manifestation-01Except for the increasing chances of tornadoes and other severe weather, life seems to get better in spring.

I’m feeling more upbeat these days, too. There’s a sense of inspiration and new beginnings.  It’s a sense that the cycle of life is on the upswing. There’s a more free-flowing awareness of motivation and even better health in my life.  Even though curiosity about new things courses through my brain most of the year, inquisitiveness really manifests in spring. It’s almost as if there is a rebirth of the desire to learn more, about more.

Many of us feel a new dedication to knowledge, wisdom, and the acquisition of new skills.  This is when we feel more engaged and can better concentrate on our interests and pursuits.  When it gets right down to it. the more knowledge and skills we develop, the better able we are to see the manifestation of our dreams and goals.

Regardless of our age, we feel better when we nurture a goal or project.  When we have something or someone to live for, we actually improve our health. People who relax too soon and become sticks in the mud, seem to have more complaints about other people and life, in general. Throughout life, it is a wise and wonderful practice to cultivate desire and enthusiasm around some sort of helpful, people-friendly goal.

I often cook up some sort of goal or scheme to improve my life in some way during the more sluggish times of the year. Now, this is the time of year I feel more energetic and feel more motivated to convert those ideas into reality.  I also feel more pragmatic and able to exercise common sense. This helps me weed out the plans in order to enable manifestation-02the manifestation of one or two of those goals. It’s the time to balance “pie in the sky” with a hefty dose of reality based thinking.

This is the time to solidify the process of physical creation by letting go of passivity. A person does need to let go of harmful and negative thought patterns.  This includes the habit of magical thinking.  Simply thinking nice thoughts and wishing for things to be true will not make those things manifest.  Positive thinking is the perfect tool to keep us motivated to get our hands dirty with the actual work of making things happen. Now is when we dedicate and commit ourselves to the responsibility to see our plans through to reality.

Manifestation includes our ability to mentally grow and expand.  One virtue is the letting go of outmoded beliefs and ways of thinking.  It’s easy to drift into a “default mode” of familiar attitudes.  Pushing past the boundaries of conventional, comfortable manifestation-03thought enables more awareness and a feeling of more aliveness.  “Compassionate curiosity” will not only make one feel better, it enables more effective social interaction. This is the time to let go of intellectual laziness.

It’s so very easy to fall back on short-term pleasures and habits instead of focusing on long-term, sustainable goals. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to move beyond knee-jerk material satisfaction. It’s helpful to break from routines and find ways to re-energise and re-focus on what really matters in ones life.

To allow manifestation, we remember to stay focused on what we can actually achieve with a clear-headed, common sense, pragmatic approach. To let go of magical thinking and embrace solid thinking triggers positive action.

moi1986bThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes to ponder an idea from Kahlil Gibran. “Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.”

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