Small Stoneware Pots …Floral Friday

I plead ignorance when it comes to the origin of many small, funky stoneware containers.  They’re difficult to identify because they’re unique creations in their own rights.  If they’re signed, the artist usually scrawls her or his name in an indecipherable script.  Once in awhile a pot is signed with a Japanese Kana that gives me more of a clue.

All I know for sure is that I really enjoy these little pots.  They have some heft; there’s a rough, tactile quality; they come in a variety of shapes; and the glazes are earthy. I like the fact that they display well in many settings.  I brought  a couple of empty pots from out of storage, and a couple that are recent thrift store discoveries.

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

A miniature flower vase, glazed half brown and half tan, is a good example of a type of contemporary, rustic piece I really like. This one is unsigned, so I don’t know who FF050815dcreated the piece.  I used some vintage plastic fill flowers and modern sprig of fern to make my own statement.

The largest piece is only six-inches tall. It is marked with two Katakana, “re” and “no”. So it appears to be of Japanese origin. It’s a well-balanced design with excellent glaze and overwash.  I decided to use it to create an Ikebana.


A small, blue container immediately caught my eye recently. It appears to be a vase with a smashed-in neck. The unmarked piece is obviously a small Ikebana vase, so I utilized it as such.


Who could resist the humorous character mug finished as a modern Raku creation?  It’s too rough to use as a coffee or tea mug, so I decided to utilize it as a vase.  Curvey accent stems set off a splash of daisy mums to enhance the zany theme of the mug.

If you also appreciate the primal charm of rustic, stoneware pottery, I hope you bring out a piece to use and enjoy.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness thinks there is no end to the inventiveness of potters.


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3 Responses to Small Stoneware Pots …Floral Friday

  1. I do enjoy stoneware finds at Goodwill and yard sales, in particular, though I have no depth of knowledge as you do. I go for what I like aesthetically and think, hey, if it’s valuable, that’s just icing (assuming one likes icing). I love what you’ve done with these pots you’ve found.

  2. swabby429 says:

    Thank you for the compliments. Just like you, I mainly like these for their appearance and they’re fun.

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