Vintage Silks …Floral Friday

The big, dusty, bent-up flower arrangement grabbed my attention right away.  It was a relic of the 1980s, when pastels were chic, especially pink.  Jumbo sized silk flowers of that vintage are becoming more scarce, so I made an impulse purchase.

A flat, pink centerpiece container was crammed full of the fabulous, fakes.  The wire stems were coiled and crooked, the petals were crushed and covered with musty dust.  I disassembled the arrangement outdoors in a medium breeze, then shook and brushed away the surface dirt.  Then I discarded the old, foam mechanicals and moss. I cleaned up the planter dish and used it for a project I posted here two weeks ago.

Because the flowers turned out as non-colorfast, I had to detail clean them with an old, soft paintbrush using no water.  While brushing them, I also had to straighten out and reform the flowers and leaves.  This was a time-consuming process, but it was worth FF051515cthe extra effort.

I wanted the pink flower color to “pop”, so I decided to use a 1990s era Haegar vase.  The resulting retro-inspired style doesn’t look dated at all.

The light blue flowers turned out to be my favorites of the batch, so something special was needed.  I started by filling a Lancaster Colony vintage McCoy pitcher with some dried stems and artificial pink “snowflakes” I purchased in the mid-1980s.  (I have a hard time throwing out old flowers.) I used those elements as the framework to hold the blue silks.


I ended up with some leftover leaves.  A small, old Shawnee hound planter inspired my third project.  The swept-back greenery needed one more element.  I cannibalized another old project for a couple of polyester peruvian lilies.

After I finished the projects, I stood back and felt glad that I was able to recycle most of castaway floral arrangement.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness remembers Henri Matisse and his floral interpretations. “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”


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