Wear Purple For Peace Day

Purple is one of the most culturally interesting colors of the rainbow.  In the west, purple represents royalty and spirituality.  At one time, regular citizens were prohibited from wearing the color, only high ranking religious and political leaders could legally don purple clothing.Purple-01

Purple is the blend of the hot color red and the cold color blue. This mixture creates a calming effect in the mind. The excitement of red with the mellowness of blue create both reassurance and a touch of mystery. People around the world have associated purple with a sacred place in nature, purple flowers are highly valued for this rare color. The purple stripe of the LGBT flag represents spirit.

The color purple has come to be associated with serenity, deep thinking, and peaceful actions.  Hence, the stable, calming, spiritual, enriching color has also come to represent peace. It’s part of the reason to wear purple for peace, today.

Oddly enough, International Wear Purple For Peace Day was not originated by the United Nations nor by any sort of pacifist organization. However, there are some scattered groups of people who apparently are afraid that interplanetary beings will discover Earth and find out that humans are a hostile species.

These people believe that visitation by extraterrestrials is a good idea. They hope to encourage diplomatic visits by space beings to Earth.  Our violent, warlike behavior apparently discourages martians and other galactic visitors from making contact.  Supposedly, a group of extraterrestrialphiles decided that planet Earth should celebrate a Wear Purple For Peace Day.

Perhaps there is something special about May 16th and space aliens.  I did a web Purple-03search and found several examples of alleged UFO sightings on this date. For example, some people claim that a Russian Proton M rocket was destroyed by a UFO, May 16th last year.

On May 16, 2012, someone in Phoenix, Arizona claimed to have channeled some messages from the “Galactic Federation of Light”. The anonymous person then grabbed a fudgesicle and went out on the balcony to observe the sky. The person saw a blinking whitish purple light blink for several minutes. This caused the observer to weep.

Perhaps this date is significant because of its alleged connection to the US space program. Supposedly the sailors aboard the USS Kearsarge aircraft carrier saw something out of place while they waited for the splashdown of the last Mercury Mission capsule “Faith 7” on May 16, 1963. Apparently a small group of seamen spotted a formation of three UFOs.  The craft were shaped more like a child’s toy spinning top and not the more popular flying saucer shape.

The spaceships hovered over the ocean long enough for the Navy cameraman to snap some photos of them.  Afterwards, the cameraman turned in the roll of film to his superior officer. Thee officer told the men not to talk about what they had seen. Of course, today, nobody knows who the cameraman was nor the identity of the officer. Neither were ever seen again once they left the ship.

I’m not too eager to meet any outer space beings.  All I have to do is think about the human historical examples of civilizations with advanced technology, wiping out cultures that possessed less advanced technology.  Humans making peace amongst ourselves might enable a hostile takeover by space aliens.

I’m skeptical about space beings being eager to contact us for any reason, peaceful or destructive.  I just think that world peace is highly desireable and necessary simply on its own merits.Purple-02

I’m wearing a purple shirt today because peace is what the world desperately needs these days.  As far as I can tell, our civilization has never had a single year of peace in all of its history.  Conflict doesn’t lead to peace.  It eventually leads to more and escalated conflicts.  I’m not alone in believing that it’s time to honestly give peace a chance.

We don’t need to fantasize about space beings in order to find a reason for peace.  We already have plenty of flesh and blood reasons around us.  Peace is good for our children, our families, our towns, and our nations. Peace is good for everything on our own precious planet.

1984aThe Blue Jay of Happiness has a Purple For Peace quote from Albert Einstein. “Compassionate people are geniuses in the art of living, more necessary to the dignity, security, and joy of humanity than the discoverers of knowledge.”


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