Some Collectables …Floral Friday

I’ve sometimes wondered why I enjoy collecting so many different kinds of things.  At times, I justify some of my collectables because they have some monetary value.  One FF052215aof my friends, who is into pop psychology, says I might be trying to relieve some sort of sense of incompletion brought on by unfulfilled childhood needs.  I’m not so sure these are the main reasons I like collecting stuff.  I just enjoy things for their aesthetics.  Most collectables are just fun or unique.

I gave away most of my old “Beanie Baby” collection, long ago but have kept just a few of the zanier ones. “Frills” the bird keeps watch over a 1940s vintage pink vase by an unknown maker.  The vase provides grounding for the wild, informal arrangement.FF052215b

A friend discovered a lamb planter at an auction this month and thought of me, so she brought it home. Of course, McCoy pottery is very collectable. The blue lamb was originally intended as nursury decor, but I adapted it for general use. The blue and purple theme will enable it to fit in just about anywhere.FF052215c

The hand blown colored glass vase is a niche collectable. There is certainly a feel of artistry and quality about this type of glass.  A small bunch of spring colors accents the piece quite well.  “Bob” the “Bearfoots” figurine is right at home nearby.  The Jeff Fleming creations are irresistable.

Go ahead, showcase one or more of your own array of collectables.  Dust them off and display them with joy.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness says to beware of anyone who says she is manufacturing antiques.


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