Dare Day

Like most boys, I dared my friends, and they, in turn, dared me to do stupid stunts.  Ours weren’t especially hazardous, physically, even though they were actions we dare-02performed.  The last time I followed through one of these youthful dares was at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis in 1976. One of my friends dared us to go skinny-dipping there.  So, the three of us did. The quick swim was refreshing, fun, and funny.  It became one of the best memories of my late adolescence.

June first is International Dare Day. This is when we can challenge each other with innocent dares, double dares, and triple dog dares. Some folks play Truth or Dare on June first. Some of us like to go beyond pranks, and dare to do something that enables us to step way out of our comfort zones.  International Dare Day is the perfect time to face something unknown, a situation far outside boundaries to which we’re accustomed.dare-01

Your dare might be a social situation that is challenging. If you’re single and shy, you can ask someone out on a date. For many of us, it is giving a public speech.  A good dare to try is to sincerely reach out to someone who belongs to a social group that you personally dislike, then invite them to share their points of view and opinions about life and not refuting what they tell you.

The best double dares are those that upset our equilibrium enough to enable our compassion for others.  These dares allow us to not only tolerate others, but to fully accept them.  A triple dog dare is one we accept that causes us to step back and examine our deeply held beliefs from radically different angles. Then give your beliefs an hiatus.dare-04

The beliefs must be put on hold because beliefs are mental constructs that separate people. Beliefs tend to fragment and isolate us from one another. Historically, beliefs have brought about condemnation, denial, and justification.

By accepting this triple dog dare, we find out that ideas are not the truth. Life is not just a bundle of oaths to which we conform.  dare-03Life also is not just a series of sensations and thrills.  This triple dog dare is about letting go of analytical thought, for awhile. This action will enable us to experience life fully. Doing so, we can understand “what is”. This triple dog dare is one that might make you glow from within.

This triple dog dare is not just a mental exercise. The dare is in the actual doing of it.  Whatever and whomever really pushes your buttons must be actively engaged in this dare.  This triple dog dare challenges us to drop our defenses and really begin to live life to the fullest.

2012YearOfTheDragonThe Blue Jay of Happiness dares you to ask a friend or acquaintance to describe your most obnoxious trait to you.  Then, do something constructive with that information.


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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3 Responses to Dare Day

  1. BAP Blog says:

    Haha, I’m really digging this systematized dog-dare explanation. Fun post and message received. Let’s mix it up!

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