3 Small Jardinières …Floral Friday

The word, jardinière, is one of those French words, for which there is no true equivalent in English. Even in the French language, the definition is inexact. The word, jardin, means garden. The obvious meaning of jardinière is female gardener, which it is, but it’s not the only meaning. We also understand that jardinière is the name for a decorative recepticle for holding plants.

Certainly a jardinière in English used in the floral arts is more than a mere flower pot, nor is it strictly a vase. We think of them as either large accent containers for an outdoor garden for flowers and herbs, or as smaller, tabletop floral planters. Meantime, the French, themselves, call the smaller, tabletop containers cachepots.


I’m certainly in no position to resolve this etymological question.  All I want to do, is to put these attractive containers to good use in my home. I have three of them this week.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery of Roseville, Ohio produced a series of deco inspired jardinières called Sun & Moon. It’s a pattern I find particularly attractive.  This week, I decided to use a small one to hold a selection of spider mums. The shapes and colors all work well together.


Brush Pottery, also of Roseville, was known for their attractive, rugged floral containers as well as other products for the home.  This small accent sized jardinière uses tree bark styling elements.  Some very vintage bold artificial flowers are right at home in this container.


A slightly larger mustard yellow McCoy jardinière is another attractive example of a rugged, yet artistic container. I needed the bright yellow jard and orange flowers to brighten up another cloudy, drippy week.  The overall feel is strong and rustic.

If you want a classic, romantic way to display your flowers, you might consider using a jardinière as the base.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this old saying, “Cheerfulness is the very flower of health.”

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