Creative Energy

Jorge smiles or chuckles whenever he hears me utter the phrase, “creative energy”.  I’ve explained to him that it’s one of those terms I used many years ago when I was heavily into the New Age movement.  Rather than stating that I feel a burst of creativity, I might say that I feel some creative energy coming through.

My pal had a similar, albeit shorter, encounter with the New Age lifestyle, too. Jorge liked to investigate “alternative physics”. He was among the many non-scientists who felt baffled, yet curious about legitimate physics. He soon found out that New Age “energy” has nothing whatsoever to do with electron-volts, kilocalories, joules, ergs, or horse-power.  Instead, the various types of New Age “energy” are expressed with such words as “prana” or “chi”. This type of “energy” includes such varients as “subtle energy”, “healing energy”, and “creative energy”.

We New Agers were taught that “mainstream” scientists are incapable of controlling or studying such “energies”.  In many circles, skeptics are demonized.  Jorge says he and I should call ourselves “ex-Woo-Agers”. We just were never able to actually  fully “align”,”unblock”, “harmonize”, “balance”, “channel” or manipulate our various “energies”.creativeenergy-03

I still like the term “creative energy” even though I’m now an “ex-Woo-Ager”.  In my mind, “creative energy” equals creativity. It is an act, idea, or product that transforms an existing thing or concept into a new one. A common form of creativity is found in the field of music. A creative musician may transform a blank sheet of paper into a musical score. She might have moments when all she wants to do is improvise some jazz licks.  It’s an amazing psychological state of mind.

Jorge says that when the creative urge strikes him, he drags out a sketch pad and his colored pencils. Sometimes, he likes to “play” with watercolors. Meanwhile, I enjoy tapping out words for my blog or messing around with artificial flowers and old vases. Other people might go with the flow while making a living in engineering, mathematics, business, or social work.

Creativity seems to exist outside the realm of conscious thought or “hovers” somewhere around the boundaries of it.  Creativity is usually spontaneous.  Usually, if a person merely tries to be creative, the results are superficial and seem contrived. On the other hand, if the creativity comes from a state of inspiration and “flow”, the results seem more “authentic” and satisfying.

Jorge says that his creative moments almost seem like benign insanity. Creativity cannot exist within the bounds of sane ideas nor conventional ideology.  The most noteworthy musicians’ best pieces don’t come from any set formula. The most striking architecture comes through thinking “outside the box”.

Jorge believes that Nikola Tesla’s creativity was so extreme and paradigm shifting because Tesla’s concepts were a form of madness or insanity. For whatever reason, his mind entered an unworldly realm and visions of complete concepts suddenly “appeared” in his mind’s eye. Tesla was often called the mad-scientist of his generation. Somehow Tesla tapped into an extreme form of “creative energy” that even he could not satisfactorily explain.

It seems to me that Tesla was one of the few people who actually have had and used real “creative energy”. People who have possessed this level of creativity have greatly changed the world. Orthodoxy and tradition would have arrested Tesla’s genius if he would have surrendered to them. In fact, his unorthodox thought and methods frequently landed him in trouble with the powerful, conventionally-minded leaders of his time.creativeenergy-02

Creativity is a state of mind when you are thinking, yet are not a slave to thought. You’re analytical without being a slave to analysis. You’re working in sound, shape, or ideas but are not a slave to sensations. You’re breaking all the rules and might be thought of as unruly. Creative people are thought to be independent and rebellious. Traditionalists believe that creative folks are dangerous and subversive.

Creativity taps into a personal need for complex, novel variation. There might be a need to communicate a new idea or the necessity to solve a problem. Creativity depends upon the ability to view things from a different perspective or in new ways. There is the requirement that the ability to generate new alternatives or possibilities is present.

If you know a creative person or are creative yourself, you’ll probably notice that the creative personality encompasses many opposite values. Strikingly, creative people are frequently mellow and quiet, yet they seem to be harboring a great amount of energy.  People like Tesla can be amazingly humble, yet full of pride, at the same time. Creative people are passionate about their works, yet are quite objective about it, too.

A person who has a lot of “creative energy” enjoys mystery, unpredictabilty, and change. A creative person has a high level of tolerance for differences and loves ambiguity. Many creative individuals have escaped rigid gender roles and stereotypes and tend towards androgyny. To “allow” creativity to flourish, a person has an inate ability or has developed the ability to live and let live.

Jorge and I agree that these qualities only hint at “creative energy”. Creativity is something that is best experienced, not described. Creative people are very open-minded and sensitive.  They’re vulnerable to great suffering. What drives creative people is the huge amount of enjoyment we experience. Creative minds transcend traditional values and ideas. There is little patience for the status quo.

I thanked Jorge for collaborating with me.  I think we successfully merged our subtle “creative energies”. In the process, a new bluejayblog post came into being.

moi1986bThe Blue Jay of Happiness found a relevant Rumi saying. “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.  Unfold your own myth.”


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