Clean And Tweak …Floral Friday

A couple of days ago I awakened and looked up at the giraffe. It occurred to me that I hadn’t cleaned or soaked it for quite some time. Maybe I should give the giraffe a long overdue bath.  While I was at it, a few other small items in my bedroom needed a redo.  Clean and tweak day had arrived.P5310265

Before taking care of my giraffe, the bedside vase needed a more summery treatment. I decided on a monochrome theme.  Some red dyed sunflowers were all that was needed to make a bold statement.
I brought down the Lane Furniture Company giraffe planter from its corner shelf. Because it was up high, away from eye-level view, I had neglected the thing. The very dusty, non-colorfast flowers were beyond help, so, in the trash they went. I carefully soaked and wiped down the awkward planter, then installed greenery that is easier to keep clean.


Another corner of the bedroom is a haven for wallpockets. As long as I was in the cleaning mood, why not freshen these up too?

I don’t know the maker of the matching pair of white containers. I do know they are very old. I decided upon “mirror image” arrangements for the pair.  The Royal Copely “lovebirds” nest was scrubbed and refitted with dark blue and purple fill flowers.


A rare Royal Haeger birdhouse was kept much as it was before cleaning day, I just brought it outdoors then blew off the dust and finished it with a “magnetic” dusting tool.

My favorite wallpocket is the yellow bloom. I redo it with different flowers regularly.  This time I decided to give it an unruly, rustic, summertime look.

When I finished the little projects, I made a promise to do a better job of maintenance. I hope to remember the vow.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Chris Hemsworth. “I have sporadic OCD cleaning moments around the house. But then I get lazy and I’m cured. It’s a very inconsistent personality trait.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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