Tournesols …Floral Friday

Sunflowers or the genus Helianthus is one of the most variable in the flower world. There are perhaps 70 or more species of the plants. Today, I’m working with a common, larger bloomed variety because it has a dramatic appearance.

The sunflower is not only pleasing to the eye, the young plant is heliotropic–that is the plant tilts, during the day, to face towards the Sun.  That feature has made sunflowers especially fascinating to scientists and laypeople, alike.

I simply like the funky attractiveness of the flowers and the fact that sunflower seeds taste so delicious.  They’re not only yummy but highly nutritious, too.P6060272

I like to have a fair-sized bunch of sunflowers in the kitchen as summertime decor.  A mid-sized Royal Haeger ewer pitcher vase provides a large and sturdy base for seven hearty blooms.  This is a great way to use the pitcher as a floor vase.

I very rarely use beer bottles as impromptu vases. However, this “Mississippi Mud” jug style container almost begs to hold something decorative.  The combination of the rustic jug and a sunny bloom provides a rural theme.

P6060276The third example is certainly multicultural. A Midwestern American sunflower stands inside a fancy vase from India, and is enhanced by tropical grasses from a Pacific island. This blended experiment works very well, visually.

sunfloThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes Jean Paul Richter’s comparison. “Every friend is to the other a sun, and a sunflower also. He attracts and follows.

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