Cacti In Cups …Floral Friday

I have some cups and I have some cacti.  Why not put them together in creative ways?  So that’s what I did this week.


I’ve had one, unused plastic freebie commuter mug since before the days when cup holders were standard in cars. The bottom of the cup slides into a base that sticks onto the dashboard with a sticky square.  I never used the cup in the car because I didn’t want any adhesives baking onto and ruining my car’s interior. So, the mug went into storage. I stumbled across this old, unused cup the other day and it inspired me to fill it with a succulent.


I have long preferred Homer Lauglin’s Harliquin pattern of casual tableware over Fiesta Ware. The edgier post art deco styling is more expressive.  The yellow demitasse cup doesn’t match my other salmon colored cups, so it hasn’t been used very often. I brought it out of the cupboard to use in this week’s theme.  The bulb cactus works well with artificial enhancements.


A unique, plastic smiley mug is the base for a happy combo of a cactus and a flower.  This will provide a cheery accent for a kitchen window.

Now you have some starter ideas for use with idle cups.

The Blue Jay of Happiness remembers an old Billy Rose tune.
mini-moi“I don’t need music, lobster, or wine.
Whenever your eyes look into mine,
The things I long for are simple and few,
A cup of coffee, a sandwich–and you!”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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4 Responses to Cacti In Cups …Floral Friday

  1. GP Cox says:

    Unique ideas, wish I had more imagination!

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