Shameless Self-Promotion

Do you ever watch the YouTube personal “vlogs” that  seem like bragging videos?  Sometimes I stumble across “vloggers” whose main reason for creating videos is to show off their lifestyle. We’re “treated” to tours of their apartments or homes, vehicles, their meals at restaurants, and parties.  The “vlogs” are basically selfies that go on and on.ShamelessPromotion-01

Although I’m glad that the vloggers have nice things and beautiful friends, I feel somewhat sorry for them.  Yet, I’m amazed that they accumulate views and subscribers and actually make money in such a narcissistic fashion. In my opinion, this type of output is extreme shameless self-promotion.  It veers into the realm of self-adulation.  I can only watch those videos for a few minutes before I bail out.

At the other end of the self-promotion spectrum are people who use their media skills to advocate for progressive, helpful ideas and causes.  Their “vlogs”, blogs, magazine articles, and books are all about inspiring people to do their utmost, and to activate the very best qualities of their viewers/readers.  Their work doesn’t just parrot tried and true aphorisms about “living a good life” or self-improvement.

The best self-promotion is all about boldness of vision and utmost integrity. I think of a person like former President Jimmy Carter.  Carter continues to accomplish worthy goals, yet is reasonably humble in doing so.  He has used his communications skills to not only serve a term as POTUS, but to enable “Habitat for Humanity”, serve as a sometime mediator in serious international disputes, work as an advocate for civil rights, and to write positive, inspiring literature.  Carter continues to be “out there” but does not “strut his stuff”. He can hold his head high, even in the face of his most hateful critics and adversaries. Carter is a good example of positive, shameless self-promotion.

Tomorrow is the first day of September, the first day of “Shameless Promotion Month”.  We can use today to plan how to shamelessly promote ourselves or ShamelessPromotion-02something that we do to inspire the greatest number of people possible. Tomorrow is the first of 30 days we can utilize to promote our purposes. Because it’s shameless, our promotions can be as “deep” as we wish.

Is this purpose, or concept something that people will find valuable for their own lives? How can you express this to your audience? How can your shameless promotion not be only about yourself, but mainly about others?  Is your promotion realistic and doable, yet expresses an idea in a new way?

Are the language and platform clearly descriptive and sufficiently strong to inspire people? Does your self-promotion empower others to take action? Can you come up with a soundbyte or a catchy slogan to provide the “heartbeat” to keep the promotion alive? The language is how you want your message to come across to the world-at-large. Your platform focuses on your vision and how everyone else will fit into it.

The important thing to remember about shameless self-promotion is that it’s not about self-centered, selfish egoism. A good promotion is all about offering other people something they believe they need.  What do you have to “sell” that people will feel good about adopting for themselves?ShamelessPromotion-03

To be totally shameless in your self-promotion, you must have exposure.  Don’t just say it once.  The message must be broadcast over and over, day after day, month after month, maybe even year after year. Do you feel confident and happy that your self-promotion puts forth the greatest possible good for the greatest number of people?

In other words, is your self-promotion going to be arrogant or will it be assertive?  If it is going to be assertive, it will truly be shameless.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness knows people will happily read your work or listen to your message if you offer them a solution to a problem, inspire them, give them ideas, or show them how to think for themselves.

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