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Speak Now (Review)

Now that marriage equality is a legal right in the United States, it is finally time to take a breath and look back at the long, arduous journey.  What has been called one of the country’s major civil rights trials, … Continue reading

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Adults Can Be Such Children

Our obsession with youthfulness and childlike behavior has probably enabled more of us to enjoy life and find pleasure in simpler things. The downside is that we tend to disparage old age. Despite all the growing pains and hard lessons … Continue reading

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A Few Cartier-Bresson Tidbits

His photographs contain an undercurrent of tension, an eye for the unusual, second-guessing, and the aura of patience. Henri Cartier-Bresson has been the subject of books, essays, and, most of all, exhibitions.  Every time I come across one of his … Continue reading

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Thrifty Recycled …Floral Friday

I emptied the three containers of past beauty. They were too nice to throw away, but none of them were of much resale value.  In fact, they would only take up valuable shelf space.  Why not use them for quick … Continue reading

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Ecological Debt

The ecosystem, as we need it to be, has a certain equilibrium.  We humans can choose to live at or below the balancing point or we can continue to live above the balancing point. As it stands right now, the … Continue reading

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A Few Nashy Tidbits

In contemporary American society, poetry is one of the least esteemed types of literature. Many of us only bother to read works from past poets because we’re required to take a poetry course in college.  It’s too bad that we … Continue reading

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It’s Serendipity Day Today

After I finished proof reading yesterday’s post about Alternate Personal Histories, I thought about how we begin our lives as a series of coincidences. Children are produced by the serendipity of whatever brought the parents together, and the serendipity of … Continue reading

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