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Alternate Personal Histories

During our last visit, Jorge and I veered into a favorite topic of conversation, alternate histories.  Alternate histories are fascinating because usually only one crucial variable needs to be changed. Jorge wondered aloud what North America would be like if … Continue reading

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International Dadaism Month

Do you remember the Monty Python Show?  Were you fascinated by its peculiar animated cut-out montages? Many people didn’t realize that they had been exposed to Dadaism by watching the program. I loved the anti-art, non-movement, Dada before I ever … Continue reading

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Hartjesdag Weekend

One of my Dutch Internet friends, Johan, yesterday, told me he planned to attend some Harjesdag Weekend parties. Of course, I wanted to know more. Although the Netherlands is a geographically small nation, the people have had an enormous impact … Continue reading

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Cacti In Cups …Floral Friday

I have some cups and I have some cacti.  Why not put them together in creative ways?  So that’s what I did this week. I’ve had one, unused plastic freebie commuter mug since before the days when cup holders were … Continue reading

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August Doldrums

A couple of days ago, Jorge stopped by for one of his impromptu visits.  Since the weather was hot and muggy, we sipped tall glasses of ice tea instead of our usual coffees.  My pal said he was feeling listless … Continue reading

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Leave Your Bubble

The first time I fully realized that I lived in a mental environment centered around myself and people who shared viewpoints very similar to my own was during a trip to Mexico.  A college classmate, Greg, and I took a … Continue reading

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The Art Of War Visualized (Review)

I’ve read a few versions of Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War and have gleaned a bit of wisdom from the different interpretations of it.  When I spotted Jessica Hagy’s The Art of War Visualized: The Sun Tzu Classic … Continue reading

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