Rich Tones …Floral Friday

One of the beautiful things about creativity is how we can use color to affect our moods.  Different shades and tones can influence whether we feel anxious or relaxed.  They can also subtly affect whether we feel cooler or warmer. That’s one reason why most decorators don’t use lots of deep reds in sunny rooms in the middle of Summer.  The same reds do wonders for north-facing rooms in Winter.

This same line of thinking applies to accessories and floral arrangements as the seasons progress, each year.  Darker shades and richer tones provide a warming sight as the Northern Hemisphere goes deeper into autumn in anticipatation of winter.


A dark-stained wooden Ikebana container provides an earthy base for an experimental arrangement of rich, orange flowers.  The shape was inspired by the flame of a campfire.


A Royal Copley rooster planter is richly glazed in warm tones of at least five colors.  The contemporary flower arrangement provides a harmonizing touch to the vintage container.


Robinson Ransbottom Sun & Moon jardinières are enjoyed by many collectors. They are still in somewhat plentiful supply, so they’re reasonably affordable.  This small example holds an assortment of rich toned blooms.  The Art Deco theme works well in retro and contemporary settings.

Tone is a very important part of decoration.  If the room is going to be comfortable and pleasing, one must get the tones just right.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Henri Matisse. “When I have found the relationship of all the tones, the result must be a living harmony of all the tones, a harmony not unlike that of a musical composition.”

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