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Why West Virginia?

I couldn’t help but overhear a group of teens at the public library, discussing some points of the American Civil War.  Their conversation had taken a detour into Virginia and West Virginia.  One boy wondered why there is a North … Continue reading

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Earth Tones …Floral Friday

North America is in the time of year when Earth tone colors can predominate.  Nature draws upon the warm pallette of golds, tans, and warm yellow, greys, and muted greens. There is a small window of opportunity to use Earth … Continue reading

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Sarcastic Limits?

Youngsters frequently hear the wise maxim, “If you cannot say anything nice about a person, say nothing at all.”  Because I could be a sarcastic little brat, at times, I was scolded with the phrase quite frequently. The result has … Continue reading

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Feeling Balanced

How can I master my own feelings?  Is there a way to exercise more restraint without repressing feelings and sentiments? In touchy situations, I sometimes ask myself these questions.  We all have to deal with accepting and dealing with our … Continue reading

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Who hasn’t wished they could travel through time?  Some of us fantasize about visiting an intriguing historical epoch in the past.  Many of us want a hands-on trip into the future.  Writer H.G. Wells certainly was not the first person … Continue reading

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Squirrel Awareness Month

My neighborhood has so many trees that half of the streets are named after various species of trees. My yard and the neighboring vacant lot have 18 trees, mostly elms. The city property and the riverbank have so many trees, … Continue reading

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There’s an old lounge in the neighborhood that still has its old neon “Cocktails” sign glowing over the front door.  The image triggered my imagination about what went on inside the establishment.  Were there tables where laughing couples sipped fruity drinks … Continue reading

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