Variations de Rouge …Floral Friday

The scientific definition of the color red includes its variations in spectral wavelength of ~620 to 740 nanometres and a spectral frequency of ~480 to 400 terahertz. In the spectrum of visible light (rainbow), red appears opposite of violet right next to orange. FF112015cAlong with blue and yellow, red is one of the artist’s primary colors on the simple triad color wheel.

Red has long held strong emotional meanings to human civilization.  For instance, in Ancient China, red represented one of the five elementals, fire. In ancient Rome, soldiers wore red tunics, the generals donned red cloaks. People are naturally drawn to the richness of red. Traffic police attention is drawn to red sports cars.

Many people simply enjoy the emotional sensation of warmth and comfort that the color red, triggers in the mind.  As the year draws closer to the end, the Northern Hemisphere becomes colder, so most of us crave red.


I stumbled across a big batch of fluffy Gerbera Daisies this week. It seemed like a good idea to use them as the common denominator in today’s Floral Friday projects.

The reddish leaf motif of the Royal Copley vase provides a subtle counterpoint to the cluster of red blooms. The tall iris leaves add “architectural” height and interest to the rounded creation.

The vintage donkey planter was fired with her red, floppy hat. I used seven of the Gerberas to complete the overall red theme that carries through with the reddish brown pottery glaze.


I wanted a lighter creation for the Ikebana.  This time, the Gerberas provide the grounding base for the more complex red of the orchid branch.

All things considered, I’m quite happy with how this week’s projects turned out.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes Christian Dior’s statement about reds.  “Bright reds–scarlet, pillar-box red, crimson, or cherry–are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone.”

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2 Responses to Variations de Rouge …Floral Friday

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Hi swabby429, all of your three flower arrangements here are attractive and well conceived. I especially like the third one involving an arching raceme of orchid flowers. Thank you. Since you mentioned ikebana in this post, I would like to introduce you to my special post at

    Please enjoy!

  2. SoundEagle says:

    Hello swabby429,

    Since you have been arranging flowers (whether real or artificial) for many years with flair, I would like to promote them through publishing an article on my Queensland Orchid International website at

    I would also like to suggest that you choose from all of your flower arrangement photos those that contain orchids, and then write an article based on those chosen photos. When you are ready or in the mood to write, it will be quite a simple matter of writing the article in Microsoft Word (or something equivalent) and to include those photos in the Microsoft Word document, which you can then email to me.

    I shall then perform detailed editing and formatting so that the essay(s) will become interactive document(s) ready for publication.

    There is no restriction in the length of the article or the number of photos that it contains.

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