November Tinkerings …Floral Friday

The wild swings of weather conditions of late November make my emotional state feel a bit unsettled.  This causes a buildup of nervous creative energy that I can feel all through my back and shoulders.  The best way to dissipate it is through floral experimentation.


Unadorned Empoli Verde Diamond Optic art glass displays well on its own.  The challenge is to actually use one of the vases to hold an arrangement.  I had the feeling that the smooth, fragile glass really has the soul of dried brittle abstraction.  This vase experiences a happy explosion of elements to balance out its formal restraint.


No, this is not a teapot. It’s a coffee pot.  I recently came across this Enterprise Aluminum Company “Drip-O-Lator”. It was missing the aluminum coffee basket and ceramic lid.  A couple of days later, I found another one with a lid, but missing the FF112715caluminum part.  I also brought it home only to discover that the second one is a larger size unit.

Until I replace the missing parts of the first Drip-O-Lator, the best use for it is as a vase.  The inate energy of caffienated coffee springs forth in a combination of elements that “explode” from the coffee pot.

A standard Haeger 4149 vase is not immune from my November quirkiness.  I need a fantasy of Hawai’i at my desk. A trio of birds of paradise set in lush greenery works well.  Vivid greens and orange offset the antique matte greenish glaze of the pottery.

When the wind is howling and precipitation is threatening, what do you do with your nervous energy?  Is it a creative blast for you, too?

blja_gt_lThe Blue Jay of Happiness puzzles over this weather ditty:  “Ice in November to bury a duck, the rest of the winter is slush and muck.”

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