It’s About Time

A few months ago, the news that a practical flying car was about to be readied for the public, was released.  The first ones would hit the airstrips in about two years.  I actually spoke aloud, “It’s about time.” Then I enjoyed a good chuckle, because I knew I wouldn’t buy one, anyway.

ItsAboutTime-02There have been many things promised in the past that take their sweet time to actually show up.  One thing is the Elio three-wheeled car.  Prototypes have been trotted out during the past few years to tantalize potential buyers and investors. Supposedly, the company will begin selling them around this time, next year.  I hope so, because I’ll need to renew my flagging interest before that time.

I suppose whoever came up with the “It’s About Time Week” celebration will someday organize a mass publicity campaign so the world can observe it.  Maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Perhaps that’s why its just a tiny footnote that appears at the very end of the year.  When Friday arrives so will 2016.  It’s about time for this crazy year to end so we can begin anew.

I’m keenly aware of delays because one of my personality glitches is that I tend to procrastinate.  I’ll do just about anything to dance around long-standing chores I hate.  I’d rather mow the yard than clean house.  I don’t understand why this is so, because ItsAboutTime-01mowing the yard requires much more effort and is much less pleasant than vacuuming the carpet. An “it’s about time” moment happens when I finally tidy up the bedroom and the music room.

Since long ago, I’ve had a nagging curiosity about Russia and all things Russian.  The biggest nation on Earth has many things to tantalize curious outsiders like me.  There are also many aspects of the country that can discourage deep investigation of Russia.  One of the most confounding, is the Russian language.

From the outset, I’ve wanted to learn to read, write, and speak it, but I’ve been intimidated by the Cyrillic alphabet.  Now that I have two new Internet friends who live in Novgorod, I have even more motivation to renew my interests about that country.

This year, new language resources have come my way to help the learning process.  I stumbled across a Soviet era dictionary a couple of months ago.  A children’s reader, also from Soviet times, was given to me by a friend, last month.  During the going out of business sale of the local media store, I snapped up their only copy of a Compact Disc beginning Russian language program. Plus, my Russian friends have emailed links to Internet resources.

At the beginning of November, I finally launched my personal Russian Language project. It’s been more difficult than anticipated, but also more enjoyable. The standard, printed Cyrillic alphabet is becoming second nature to me, but the stumbling block is cursive writing. For instance, the lower case “t” resembles the Latin “m”. Similar confusing obstacles will be overcome through more exposure and practice.

The point is, I have accumulated enough basic knowledge and have an habitual minimum daily amount of study time that the project has gained momentum.  As grammar lessons have begun, I can see that there is a long ways to go, but the difficulties are not as severe as I initially had feared.

One pleasant result of language study, is that I’m even more curious and fascinated by the culture of the people.  I’m searching out more books and websites about Russian history and current events.

The current chilling of United States/Russia relations affected my learning attitude for awhile.  However, the contrarian in me has served as intensified encouragement.  Anyway, I enjoy the process of learning.  It’s a big puzzle with plenty of pieces to assemble.  Besides, I love the melodic quality of the language.

A few days ago, I trilled an R successfully.  Automatically, I exclaimed, “It’s about time.”

до свидания (da sveedanya)

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this saying from Ovid: “At times it is folly to hasten, at other times, to delay. The wise do everything in its proper time.”

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