Tick Tock Day

We’re at the home stretch of the holiday season, in a couple of days we’ll have ourselves a squeaky clean, fresh new year.  While thinking about this fact, did you feel a quick rush of anxiety wash over you? TickTockDay-01

Are you like me, in that your desk has a project or two that needs completion?  Is there another task that just needs a few more finishing touches?  Join the club. There are lots of us who will be celebrating Tick Tock Day, today.  The tick tock of old-fashioned clocks reminds us that time marches on with each tick and tock we hear.

The question of the day is, “Do you have the will-power to get it done?”

Jorge remarked that I must be a procrastinator because of all the little projects that have piled up around me.  I tried to defend myself by reminding him that it’s been a very trying and busy year. He cocked his head and mentioned that most people he knows have had a very trying and busy year. He reminded me that I’ve been writing about the difficulty of completing various projects now and then. In fact, I wrote about it again for this past Sunday.

My facial expression must have told Jorge that he had hit a tender nerve.  He smiled at me and said, “Don’t feel bad, my husband is just like you, maybe a little worse.” Jorge TickTockDay-02mentioned that he’s not in the business of fixing people, that never works.  He just likes to prod his friends once in awhile. “So Jay, what is your game plan?”

I told Jorge that I have a simple goal.  The music room must be clutter-free and I must make it so without buying another “tote” to fill and stash in the basement.  Much of what is sitting around must go to charity or otherwise be given away.

How can I get over the hump?  How does my friend gently, yet firmly coach his husband to clean up his act?

Jorge walked to my desk and picked up an old compact disc containing electronic dance mix music by d-j Bill Hamel. “Take this, and play it loud. Then start boxing and bagging your stuff. The EDM tracks will keep you focused and undistracted.  The upbeat will keep you moving.  Your body will not want to slow down to examine your discard piles. Don’t you dare play any slow space music or ponderous classical pieces; save them for afterwards.TickTockDay-03

My friend knows me well.  Dance music is the not so secret ingredient that fires me up for action.  He picked the perfect catalyst to engage my project.  “OK, that’s what I’ll do.”

Jorge looked at me and said I should only write about procrastination one more time this year.  Don’t procrastinate by blogging about procrastination.  Just play fast music and focus on the job.

As my friend walked to the door to leave for home, Jorge said he’d be back in January to inspect my work.  “There better not be anything stashed under the sofas.”

After I post this to the blog, the old “Nokturnel Mix Sessions” is going into my CD player.  My boxes and bags are waiting for me on Tick Tock Day.

blja_gt_lThe Blue Jay of Happiness knows that setting and honoring deadlines works best for him.  How do you whip procrastination?

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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