Palmetto Fans …Floral Friday

FF011516aI like the shape of palmetto leaves. Their appearance is both primitive and futuristic.  In that there are several dry palmetto leaves in my supply stash, it seemed like a good idea to use them as the basis of today’s projects.

Right away, I decided that the spirit of experimentation with contemporary design would flavor the designs.

A canteen-shaped green glass bottle was the first focus.  The fanned shape of the palmetto leaf accentuates the round yet flat shape of the container. Round shapes fill in the rest of the arrangement with a simple paper flower reflecting the base as an accent.FF011516b

I recently came across a very rustic wooden vase.  My friend Charlie pointed out that it was part of an old fencepost.  Someone turned it on a lathe, carefully allowing much of the weathered grooved grain to remain. The hollowed piece was then stained and varnished. I envision it being used to hold various dried arrangements.

In this case, I began with a palmetto leaf, then added design elements front and back to add visual interest.  As a colorful focus, I created a construction paper zinnia.

The chartreuse fan vase presented an opportunity to go full-bore postmodern.  The palmetto leaf is an obvious extention ofthe container’s shape.  Dried curly grass provides visual support and interest. Two large lotus pods “protect” a dried red rose.FF011516c

I was not disappointed with the palmetto leaf projects. All three show a certain boldness and flair.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that much of our activity is actually the manifestation of experimentation.


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to Palmetto Fans …Floral Friday

  1. BAP Blogger says:

    Very nice arrangements. The shadows on the curly one make a double helix look. The top one is my favorite… It is whimsical and pretty.

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