More Solitary Acts …Floral Friday

The elegant simplicity of a single flower is often overlooked, except in the case of a PC120577rose.  This view was accentuated in last week’s offerings.  The idea begged an encore appearance for this week’s Floral Friday. I took three different approaches in design
The carved, wood vase is ideal for a vertically composed Ikebana.  The long, dark lotus flowers remind me of electric fan blades when placed this way.  The other design elements reflect this whimsical point of view with curved, sketchy shapes.


A small, amethyst semi-transparent glass vase needed bold counterpoints in both color and shape. The rounded array and brighteness of the flower did the job. Meantime the arrowpoint shaped leaves enlarge upon the similar shapes of the flower’s petals.

The large, bold tropical flower is the center of a celebratory gesture.  I imagined a singer performing an ecstatic refrain of an emotional song.  Upon completion of the arrangement, the gesture seems almost religious because it springs forth from a traditional Indian brass vase.  The overall shape appears very simple, but upon closer examination, the viewer sees complexity.


The Blue Jay of Happiness says that not everyone understands or likes a solitary act because they may be reminded of the solitary nature of their lives. Such people forget that 1 is the fundamental number.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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