Small Animal Planters …Floral Friday

In the mid-20th Century, small, animal shaped planters were quite popular to use for houseplants and simple arrangements.  Often times, they were never used for plants, the little novelty items were just placed on knick knack shelves as tchotchkes.


I’m guessing the black chicken planter is supposed to depict a “Jersey Giant” because of that breed’s popularity.  This old container was evidently used to hold a houseplant because it was half full of dirt and sand when I bought it.  After cleaning, I decided to enhance the red cold-paint with some flowers of a similar color.


The kitschy spaniel planter is irresistable just because it’s so cheesy in a happy way.  I judged that the best arrangement for this piece would be a whimsical selection of various blooms. The finished project made me smile.


Who can resist kittens?  The chic ceramic twins accent a small, basket-shaped pot made for Takahashi of San Francisco.  To carry through the twins theme, I paired two colors, pink and blue.  The greenery brings out the border color of the kitten’s “blanket”.

Animal shaped planters are fun to fill and cheap to buy.  Why not enjoy creating a simple project with one, today?

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this little quote from golfer  Bernhard Langer: “We are all human beings with our own little knick knacks and ways of doing things.”


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  1. Michele the Trainer @Zeit says:

    I love floral Friday!

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