Trois Thèmes …Floral Friday

I try to center many of my floral arrangements around particular themes.  By doing so, I’m able to better focus creativity.  This is probably a standard practice for those of us who don’t always work from industrial patterns and the requirements of commerce.

This is not to say that people may not wish to purchase these interpretations.  Oftentimes these designs intersect with styles used by commercial florists.  One of my florist acquaintences said that he visits my blog on Fridays to get out of thematic ruts. That comment encouraged me to continue displaying projects here.

Today’s themes have come about through mental themes. As always, the containers were carefully chosen to ground each project in an idea or theme.


The first theme, obviously, is nostalgia.  A favorite McCoy roadster is the base for the rustic, happy color, yellow. The intent is to remind the viewer of relaxing, sunny drives from long ago.


The second idea is collecting.  The vintage USA Pottery flower dish reminds us of a simple basket.  Baskets are often used to collect blooms to decorate our homes. Sometimes we unconsciously build shapes as we place objects in baskets and boxes. In this instance, an approximate pyramid is the result.


Theme three represents fertility. The uplifting shape of this old USA Pottery urn represents latent energy.  I lined the vessel with moss and swedish ivy because they make me think about primal life forms. Plants evolved, sometimes through human interaction, to display their sexuality. This project shows the plant cycle of, growth, flowering, seeding, and recycling.

What is your theme, today?

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that his floral themes are usually very simple and hopefully obvious.


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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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