Small Trees …Floral Friday

The practice of bringing small or young trees into our homes predates the current tradition of Christmas trees.  Many cultures have enjoyed indoor trees.  In the modern era, people have bred dwarf varieties and created artificial trees.  We’ve seen such masterpieces as Bonsai and have used standard potted palms to enhance our living spaces.

No, I don’t have a Bonsai to display, today. My living space is not conducive to the health of artistic miniature trees, nor do I have the skills required to care for the growing sculptures. Instead, I reenvisioned and repotted some existing faux trees that have been gathering dust in storage.

Maybe you’ve learned that the shape of a leaf or a simple branch resembles that of the mature tree it grows upon. With that observation in mind, I decided to use a stem from the tropical category to create an abstract statement about trees.  The black Frankoma urn provides a simple base for the unruly stem. I added red-dyed feathers to focus the composition.


The dwarf saw palmetto is the tree that actually inspired today’s activity.  I discovered it at a thrift store in a sorry state.  It was disheveled and filthy with dust.  Worse, it was “planted” inside of a hideous white and blue pot. I decided to use a smaller Robinson Ransbottom art deco Sun and Moon jardinière as the base. After a thorough cleaning in soapy water, I prepared the mechanicals in the pot. Finally, the little tree was placed inside the pot and I reshaped it.


The third plantings were embedded within a hard, tan plastic foam material within a cracked black plastic pot. The difficult part of this project was to remove the faux bamboo from the composite material without damaging the stems. A gentle cleaning of the fragile leaves revived their appearance. The Haegar cube planter inspired the final placement of the individual stems.

Maybe these photos have inspired you to repot your own natural or faux minature tree into a more attractive pot.  Of course, you might try this idea for a Bonsai or a topiary, too.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that an attractive container will greatly enhance and personalize any floral project.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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