World Health Day

When I was a young teen, one of my aunts told me to care for my health just as I would care for a newborn child. Since then, I’ve often thought of the wisdom of her using that particular analogy. WorldHealthDay-03

I know I’m very lucky to have good health.  Whenever I’ve fallen ill or injured myself, I’ve pondered this good blessing. It’s easy to take good health for granted until something happens.  Our periods of poor health reduce the capability to live life the way I want to live it and it cuts short the amount of time I have to live.  If we want to live a life of quality and quantity with a strong mind and body, we must take care of our health.

I agree that our health is one of the most important things in everyone’s life.

It’s not as if people cannot live a joyful, optimal life if they’re sick, disabled, or suffer some other health challenges.  The idea is that it is fundamental to take care of the best health one already possesses. We are capable of influencing our health and well-being in more ways than we might believe.WorldHealthDay-02

You can experiment with this contemplation the next time you succumb to a bout with the common cold. Contemplate the various symptoms. One at a time, focus on the stuffy nose, the post-nasal drip, the urges to cough, the raw throat, and perhaps the headache.  We understand how these symptoms interfere with our full involvement and enjoyment of life.  This contemplation is a reminder to slow down, and take care of yourself.

Contemplating, not obcessing, over a cold, or other health issue allows us to remember the medical definition of health.  That is, health is the fundamental capability to perceive, feel, and act effectively.

Hopefully, you’re not dealing with a cold, a stomach flu, or an injury right now. Ideally, you’re enjoying a stretch of good health and well-being.

WorldHealthDay-01During World Health Day, everyone is reminded to cultivate healthy habits. We’re reminded to get enough sleep, to cut down on stress, to exercise effectively, to be conscious about filtering out negative beliefs and thoughts, and to eat healthy foods.

Even if we’re doing all the right things and are enjoying good health, we need reminders to keep us on track.  This is where the World Health Organization comes in with World Health Day.

This year’s focus is on diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious, misunderstood health condition. There are many different types of diabetes with the most common being “type 1” and “type 2”. The thing to remember is that all types of the disease are serious and complex. People with diabetes know that it affects the quality of life and can reduce their life expectancy.

This year’s World Health Day is about encouraging us to investigate diabetes, how to manage it if we have it, and how to enjoy a better quality of life.

A way to start is during your regular check-up with your physician or health clinic. In addition, you can find a comprehensive PDF list at the National Institute of Health’s “National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse” website.

moi1988bThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 92-year-old Bob Barker. “I think that age as a number is not nearly as important as health. You can be in poor health and be pretty miserable at 40 or 50. If you’re in good health, you can enjoy things into your 80s.”

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