Bears …Floral Friday

Bear themed accessories and home decor have become popular among some non-outdoorsy people.  Perhaps bear images remind us of a wonderful vacation in one of the wild national parks.  Maybe we like bear decor because it is a socially acceptable extention of our adult fondness for teddy bears. Maybe you like this type of accessory because you belong to the bear subculture of the LGBT community. Whatever your reason, a lot of us just love bears.


Most of us were introduced to bears through stuffed toy teddy bears.  This vintage baby blue, juvenile gift planter was intended as an accessory for the nursery of an infant.  The seated teddy is paired with a toy “drum” to hold the floral gift. I kept this simple with a solitaire Gerbera daisy.


Another example of iconic teddy bear fondness is a very small Haeger planter from the 1930s. The bear is only a few inches tall and is glazed in matte baby blue. The plant opening is at the rear of the piece. The most simple fill flowers and ferns work well with this bear.


I recently found a modern Roseville of Ohio crockery planter with a baby bear theme. This container is just large enough to hold a nice arrangement of a variety of blooms.  I couldn’t resist adding “e-Bear” one of the “Big Sky Carvers” figurines to the photo.

I hope these bears brought a smile to your face and memories of the bears in your life.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this quip from Woody Allen: “I don’t think my parents liked me. They put a live teddy bear in my crib.”


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