Technopeasant Wretches

Earlier this week, I posted a science fiction related item on this blog, so my radar has been primed for sci-fi related topics.  A huge, hard to ignore blip showed up for today that I couldn’t resist investigating. Today is the “International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day”.

PixelStained-01This commemoration was inaugurated nine years ago by Hugo Award winning, Welsh-Canadian science fiction, fantasy writer, and poet Jo Walton. International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day is her answer to a statement by science fiction author Howard V. Hendrix about the proliferation of stories being posted on the Internet for free. Hendrix said that “webscabs” are “convertig the noble calling of Writer into the life of Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretch.”

In 2007, Walton replied that the purpose of her new “holiday” is to post professional quality stories for free on the Internet. Evidently a number of esteemed fantasy and sci-fi authors agree with her. The next year, for her part of the observance, Walton posted several chapters of an unfinished sequel to one of her books online.PixelStained-02

I’m quite happy that Walton advocated in favor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, because I’ve been introduced to writers I’d never heard of.  This has been a learning experience, in that we can sample good stories. One of the best ways to encourage casual readers to become loyal readers is to give out tempting examples.

After I discovered this little gem of a “holiday”, I’ve read a couple of excellent sci-fi offerings. So consider this humble note as a link to a portal of intriguing writers and their stories.  Go ahead and  check out this link: .

PixelStained-03iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Jo Walton. “‘Bibliotropic,’ Hugh said. ‘Like sunflowers are heliotropic, they naturally turn towards the sun. We naturally turn towards the bookshop.'”

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