National Photograph Month

As I looked over the calendar page for this brand-new month, “National Photograph Month” was printed at the top.  I reflected that humans have probably never been involved in photography to this extent as now. PhotographMonth-00

Every day, I see selfies or pictures of lunch posted onto social media.  I also encounter amazing images displayed within the blogs of professional and amateur photographers that I follow.

Many years ago, I  spent a fair amount of my bank balances on camera gear, and film.  Sometimes, now,  I sit in a darkened room and click through carousels of old 35mm slides.  At other times, I might pull an old album of prints and become dangerously nostalgic for awhile.

Somewhere in my closet, is a slide converter that reduces  projected slide images down to an effective size to enable a digital camera to copy them. I really need to find that gadget soon.

I don’t consider myself an advanced amateur photographer, nor do I take selfies.  I do love to compose still-lifes, many of which find their way to Floral Fridays.  I haven’t yet decided upon any particular DSLR, but that’s OK, because I’m still learning the features of my obsolete digital point and shoot cameras.


Aside from selfies, sunsets and sunrises are the cliches of picture taking.  Who can resist capturing them? I have several in my portfolio. My weaknesses are open skies and trees, the two, together, form interesting, abstract designs.


I enjoy photographs that layer color and form horizontally, unaltered, of outdoors scenes.  My eye instinctively finds them, every day. The rural landscapes of Nebraska provide many examples.PhotographMonth-04

Sometimes it’s fun to create product presentation photos that will never be used in advertising. Oftentimes, these are spur of the moment pictures that appear almost by accident. A photograph of a mundane subject, like a glass of ice tea, can cause us to remember hot July afternoons and the joys of simple pleasures.

Artistic photography used to require the practiced mental skills of determining apertures and exposure times. A person had to be more mindful and careful because film or glass plates presented physical and financial limits.  I bought a motor drive attachment for my Canon AE-1. , but  I soon set it aside because the camera was eating up too much film.  Motor drives were better used in situations like sports photography.


I prefer to carefully compose an image. After all, photography is the manipulation of light.  Sometimes I like to use black light to help viewers see images in a different manner.

Digital photography is cheap, so multiple shots are no longer much of a consideration.  Yet, I retain the mental attitude of a film camera shooter.  That’s just the way I see things.

moi1988aThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Dorothea Lange. “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

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