Close, But No Cigar …Floral Friday

I tried and tried but could not come up with a worthy headline for today’s Floral Friday post.  The only phrase that came to mind is the idiom that is used when someone is very close to accomplishing something but didn’t actually nail it.

What I was trying to think of was an artful way to link flower arrangements displayed on top of vintage cigar boxes. There’s just no logical relationship.  I can also dubiously link the idiom to Friday the 13th.


During my perpetual “spring cleaning” yesterday, I was going through trinkets and old photos stored in old cigar boxes.  It dawned on me that the boxes would make interesting pedestels for flower arrangements. The thought led to the idea to use pottery that would harmonize with some of the boxes.

Luxury is the theme of the first example.  The Napcoware depiction of an antique limousine seems to be an appropriate match for the box that now contains very old family photos.


There’s no way to arrange flowers in the shell planter without the little imp or boy or whoever the figure depicts burying his face in blooms.  This somewhat awkward Japanese container works well with small, fill flowers. The older Denby box is also well suited to the faux classical pottery.


The combination of “Invincible” and a Haeger terra cotta planter seems ironic.  While the King Edward brand still exists, the Haeger brand is going out of business this month.  Every aspect of this display is bold, including the assertive shapes and colors of the flowers.

In case you have been wondering, no, I’m not a cigar smoker.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness smiles at this Willa Cather snippet:  “We all like people who do things, even if we only see their faces on a cigar-box lid.”


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