Dramatic …Floral Friday

Spring has been more rainy than usual this year in Northeast Nebraska.  The dark, drab days tend to bring me down a bit, so some dramatic statements are what have been needed, instead of the subtle, pastels we normally associate with this time of year.


Brilliant poppies and gilia compliment a small bud vase by Ukrainian Heritage Ceramics of Canora, Saskatchewan. The complex folk designs of the small vase are exactly perfect to add interest to a dreary day.


A large department store planter with matte white glaze barely contains the excitement of large, tropical leaves and brilliant flowers of various shapes and sizes. It was lots of fun to put together, too.


It was time to dust off, literally, the 1950s era black panther planter.  Because the container is so complex, a simple floral design is called for.  In this case, simple doesn’t need to be subtle.

These just go to show that out of the box thinking is one way to halt blah, overcast feelings of enui from crashing your springtime party.

FF052716iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this idea from educator, activist Parker J. Palmer:  “Avoid the bad habit of domesticating the prophet of your choice, turning him into a cheerleader for your way of thinking and way of life. Remember that all the great prophets were courageous and outrageous folks who railed against the powers-that-be, challenged self-satisfied piosity, threatened the prevailing social order, and would find you falling short in some significant ways.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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