June Solstice 2016

As I’ve aged, my body has become less heat tolerant.  I’m one of those people who does not look forward to summer.  In fact, winter is my favorite time of the year. If I could swing it, I’d be a “reverse snow-bird”.  Instead of escaping the winter, I’d chase after it.

Before I get too old to travel far, I want to experience the June Solstice in a country located in the Southern Hemisphere.  Doing so would enable me to enjoy the first day of winter, twice in the same calendar year. JuneSolstice-01

Yesterday, I decided to check out candidate countries.  I tapped “June Solstice Southern Hemisphere” into Google. The results turned up only one site. However, there was page after page of places to check out in the Northern Hemisphere.

Then I entered “Southern Hemisphere June Solstice”. The same string of Northern Hemisphere results popped up with only one site for the Southern Hemisphere.  I wondered if Google was broken.  Why did results for the Northern Hemisphere show up when I specified Southern Hemisphere?  I tried my preferred search engine, “Ecosia”, and the same results popped up.

This was very puzzling.  Why weren’t countries like Australia, New Zealand, or the Union of South Africa showing up in my searches? Obviously, there is a very strong cultural bias in favor of the Northern Hemisphere.

Somebody in Silicon Valley really needs to look into this problem. The tourist industries of countries in the Southern Hemisphere are coming out on the short end.  JuneSolstice-02Am I the only person on Earth who doesn’t want to bake to death on a beach in June?  There must be many “reverse snow-birds” like me who want to escape to the Southern Hemisphere in June, July, and August.

I finally clicked on the one, solitary result, Argentina. The page showed one very short article, in fine print, surrounded by numerous ads. The little piece was just a copy and paste entry from Wikipedia about the Solstice date. Some mention was again made about the Northern Hemisphere.

I narrowed the search to “June Solstice Argentina”. It was better, there were more Winter Solstice links, but as I scrolled down the pages, more generalized solstice sites appeared again with several references to the Northern Hemisphere along with still more on the Summer Solstice.

Disappointed, I started a new search, “Things to do in Argentina in June”. Finally, there were some decent links.  Most of the entries were for Buenos Aires, but there were a few for outlying areas, too.JuneSolstice-03Argentina

There were recommendations for places in the Andes Mountain Range. They mentioned ski resorts and glacier viewing, plus proximity to Antarctica.  These are quite appealing to me. One site featured the Argentine wine country and varied landscapes around the city of Mendoza. Another page brought my attention to Iguazu Falls, which is supposedly more majestic than Niagra Falls.

Most of the sites feature Buenos Aires. Because I love to visit cities, the “Paris of the South” is probably where I’d spend most of my time. Argentina certainly looks very promising.  Now I have Argentina in June on my bucket list.

The most pressing question is what to do about the June Solstice, here in the Great Plains of North America.  Aside from hiding away in air conditioned spaces, maybe I should go back to the search engines for some ideas about Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Happy June Solstice

moi1988bThe Blue Jay of Happiness loves what Leonardo da Vinci wrote about our relationship to the planet. “Each man is always in the middle of the surface of the Earth and under the zenith of his own hemisphere, and over the centre of the Earth.”

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