A Little Horse Lamp …Floral Friday

A few weeks ago, I came across an attractive teevee lamp base at a garage sale.  The seller asked for a dollar, and I snapped it up.  The thing was covered with the usual dirt that basement storage attracts, plus someone had used it as a candle holder.  So, besides washing the base in warm, soapy water, scraping off blobs of hardened wax was necessary.


The piece is in excellent condition and has an almost pristine, high gloss black glaze.  I did an image search on the Web, and found some similar lamps, but no exact matches, so I still don’t know the manufacturer.

I envisioned the lamp as a “pilot light” for my stereo, so, next I grabbed a few electrical parts from the project bin to find out if they would work.  This first batch was close, but no banana.  The nipple stem on the lamp socket was much too short to go all the way through the provided hole on the base.  The attaching nut wasn’t able to reach.


Since I was eager to electrify the lamp, I devised a temporary solution.  I used a chandelier socket and attached it to a longer brass nipple from an assortment already on hand. The cord has a pre-attached, in-line rotary switch. A small LED bulb requires very little power and runs very cool.

Regardless of how a person intends to use a teevee planter lamp, I strongly recommend artificial flowers because water and electricity are a dangerous mix.  (The white specks of dust are from the floral foam mechanicals I had neglected to wipe away.)


Because the lamp had to fit into a fairly narrow space on top of my old amplifier, I kept the flowers to a minimum.  I used mostly greenery and a couple of stems of fill flowers. The lamp is plugged into the switched outlet on the amplifier, so it lights when the stereo is on and goes dark when the unit is off.

The next time I go to the hardware store, I plan on picking up a conventional lamp socket with a rotary switch. I’ll redo this conversion using a standard lamp cord without an in-line switch.  But, for now, this lamp fulfills its purpose.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Madonna Ciccone. “I like to change.  A new lamp, a piece of art, can transform a room.”

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