Handling Purples …Floral Friday

Technically speaking, purples should be considered as the representation of moderation or medium.  Purple is the blend of the hot color red and the cold color blue.  However, instead of middling, we get an intriguing, mysterious color. Purple is somewhat rare in nature so it has become associated with royalty and spirituality.

When used in creative projects, purples are best used sparingly. If overdone, the mind can get tired of it sooner than either reds or blues. Like its contrasting cousin, chartreuse, overuse seems garish.  That said, in the right amounts, purple is pleasing and somewhat refreshing to the eye.

This week I decided to use purple floral elements. The flowers tend more towards red-violet and not blue-violet, so they tend to warm up the arrangements and not cool them down.


I’ve kept the blue Fiesta Ware deco-style vase for a few decades. I suppose because it’s one of the first pieces of pottery I ever bought.  I paired it with puffy mums to soften the distinct lines of the detailing.


The lotus-detailed vase attracted my eye because of it’s Tibetan Buddhist themed design. The use of a red-violet stargazer lily was an intentional nod towards the integral nature of spirituality.


The vintage brownish tan vase features a mother and infant.  The little pot again symbolizes two aspects of life, this time, infancy and maturity.  It also has two handles as do the other vases.  To enhance the artful nature of the vase, I decided to use deep red violet daisies.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Rudyard Kipling. “He wrapped himself in quotations–as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.”

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