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Instant Coffee

My friend Jorge knocked on the door and interrupted my investigation of today’s topic.  When he saw that I was researching instant coffee, my pal flashed me a knowing grin.  Jorge has been an instant coffee user since childhood.  Although … Continue reading

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Is It Hot Enough For You?

During extreme weather, we have a couple of idiomatic greetings to use in place of, “How are you?”. In the winter, there’s, “Is it cold enough for you?” In the summer we have, “Is it hot enough for you?” This … Continue reading

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Miniatures Studies …Floral Friday

Just like many other folks, I enjoy miniature size things and objets d’art.  They’re a step above knick knacks, but take up about the same amount of shelf space.  I particularly like the attention to quality and detail that miniature … Continue reading

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Allocation of Priorities

Blue Jays have a reputation of collecting bright, shiny objects.  It is thought that they do this to decorate their nests or to attract mates.  People have observed blue jays picking through street litter in the search for gleaming treasures. … Continue reading

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Space Exploration Day

There were wry remarks about Jupiter coming under the watchful eye of Juno, earlier this month.  These appeared in news stories about the then impending arrival of the Juno spacecraft at the planet Jupiter.  The remarks were double entendres regarding the … Continue reading

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Some Slides From 1987

The 1980s marked the period of my life when I spent much time and cash on photography.  In the back of my mind, I harbored the fantasy of becoming a professional photographer. I enjoyed picture taking that much. There was … Continue reading

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I uncoiled the 50-feet length of coaxial microphone cable as I walked from the music room to the back door of the house. I then routed it through the rubber threshold door sweep to the outdoors.  I plugged the cable … Continue reading

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