Perhaps when you glanced at the title of today’s post you thought that I might offer some tips on how to enhance your psychic skills.  On the other hand, if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you might think I’m going to debunk the metaphysical because I’m a skeptic. Maybe it triggered thoughts in your mind that you could be a psychic.

As I sit at my desk to write these words, a little bit of all the above possibilities will be included.  As people who advocate for metaphysics and psychic phenomenon say, an open mind is helpful.  This includes those people who have decided they are psychics.

What I actually intend to do with this particular blog post is to present a condensed story of my own experiences in the metaphysical realm.  I’ll preface the remarks by confessing that I enjoy my decks of Tarot cards. When I do a spread for a friend or myself, I always give the disclaimer that I don’t believe there is any mysterious force or arcane magic associated with my Tarot cards.

I use the cards as mental prompts. When giving the traditional definitions of each card, I hope that the querant’s memory or thought processes will be triggered in a helpful way. When I come upon a personal impasse, the cards can aid in helping me to think about the problem with a different perspective.

I started my metaphysical journey as a “seeker” when “New Age” beliefs were ascendent in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My chosen path was astrology.  I cut my teeth on books and articles that a dear relative shared with me.  Almost immediately, I wanted to cast horoscopes, especially my own. I was much more credulous and trusting than I am now, so total immersion and belief in astrological reasoning was easy. PsychicDay-01

I bought a copy of Grant Lewi’s Astrology for the Millions and devoured it.  The book presented an easy technique for casting charts, so becoming adept in drawing charts was simple.  I believed I had been given the key to all the secrets of the mind.

There was one sentence in Lewi’s book that was both an affirmation of astrology and a challenge to it. When justifying his belief in astrology, Lewi wrote, “I have studied astrology, and you have not.”

So, while fully engaged in California New Age culture and a true believer in astrology’s powers, I took Lewi up on his challenge.  While doing casual charts for friends and coworkers, I went full bore into study and investigation of the subject. Soon, I had become skillful in the technique of “cold reading”, something that happens almost automatically after one routinely gives readings to other people.

Underlying the euphoric belief in the metaphysical was a small, nagging question.  “Why don’t I have any authentic psychic revelations?”  Certainly, astrology seemed to make sense when I shoehorned bits and pieces retroactively to events in the near and distant past. Circular logic of astrology and other “disciplines” is very seductive and convincing.

I wanted astrology to work.  I envisioned it as a life mission that would add purpose to my life.  It was why I was incarnated into this particular body, nurtured by my particular extended family, at that particular time and place.

Metaphysics, psychic disciplines, and Christian spirituality were my entire life. However, that tiny, nagging question always lurked in the background. You might say it was my “guardian angel”.PsychicDay-03

One Sunday night in 1975 I sat in blissful meditation on Treasure Island with the Bay Bridge below and in front of me.  I remember that the air was particularly clear. San Francisco was on the horizon, and stars were actually visible for a change. As I slowly came out of meditation, the epiphany suddenly struck. My inner voice screamed, “You’re about to go off the deep end.” At that moment, I understood that I was mentally and spiritually boxed in. I felt trapped and realized  the window of opportunity to escape was closing.  Much as I hated to leave the Bay Area, I intuited that I had to do so. My life was meant to be lived elsewhere.

My deep, sincere desire to be psychic was nothing more than a bad trip. I consolidated my losses and moved to the Midwest. I weaned myself off of metaphysical studies and resumed a more clear-headed path of pragmatic skepticism. As mentioned above, I kept Tarot as a friendly reminder of what value I found during that metaphysical adventure in the Bay Area.

I still have an overly trusting nature and believe most people are good at heart.  No, I’m not a psychic. I’m still learning to trust my intuition which is a learned mental skill. I’m thankful to those who shared their metaphysical journeys with me, they did so in a well-meaning way, with good, loving hearts.

Their paths were not mine to travel.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness confesses this writer faces life’s challenges with the headstrong nature of a Leo Sun, the sensitive filter of a Cancer Moon, with the overlay of Scorpio rising.

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