Silver And Gold Vases …Floral Friday

The most luxurious pottery finishes contain gold.  Many vintage ceramic pieces are even marked with a sticker or stamping that states a guarantee of gold content. Meantime the content of silver toned pottery is not actual silver.

Warranted gold finished pottery uses 22 or 24 karat gold leaf that is applied by expert artisans who know exactly how to work with the extremely thin sheets of gold.

Meantime, “silver” leaf is just as thin as gold leaf, but because silver tarnishes, the most common metal used for the effect is aluminum.  Even though a vase is finished in aluminum leaf, it appears to be silver.


I filled a medium small USA pottery vase with purple and pink toned blooms to compliment the gold colored container. The bottom of the vase is stamped “warranted 22 K gold”.


A generously sized USA pitcher vase is gilded with “silver” leaf for a stunning effect.  I used warm toned flowers to offset the cool look of the metal leaf finish.


A foil sticker on the small “Savoy” double cornucopia vase guarantees the 24 karat gold on the pottery. Bright colored flowers work well with this piece.

If you want gold leaf finished pottery, the easiest way to find it is at second hand and thrift stores. The pottery is usually sold at comparable prices to conventionally finished pieces.  You can also find it on eBay and other online reseller sites. “Silver” leaf is more difficult to find, but there are still many attractive vintage pieces.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness recommends extra care in handling and cleaning gold leaf finished pottery because the gold leaf can wear away easily.

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