Vintage Yellows …Floral Friday

I really wanted to concentrate on a primary color for today’s projects, so I brought out my old color wheel chart, closed my eyes, and dropped a dime onto the page. It landed on yellow. My color preferences have always favored the three primaries. I cannot honestly say which of them I like the very best. Just as blue and red evoke strong, positive emotional sensations, so does yellow. ff092316d

There are many claims made about this beautiful color. It’s supposedly the color of optimism. There are people with sunny personalities. Yellow enhances concentration. There have been claims that it notches up metabolism.  Personally, yellow triggers nostalgia. I think of the yellow pieces of grandma J’s Homer Laughlin Harlequin dishes.

Since my ten-cents landed on yellow, I eagerly dug into my supply bins.  What came out was nostalgia. The containers are vintage and so are the silk flowers.


The Brush planter-pot is a subtle shade of yellow and made a good starting place to ease into an upbeat mood. 1990s vintage ivy and yellow flowers enhance the design and color theme of the pot.


The yellow Haeger shell planter has just a hint of green highlights.  This calls for full on orange and red orange flowers from the 1980s and 1990s.


The light yellow McCoy flower pot is the oldest container of this batch.  A mixture of old and very old faux floral elements with this shade of yellow evokes early Autumn feelings.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness says the Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine” played over and over in the writers head while creating these arrangements.

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