For Happy Cat Month

I thought that in reviewing a cat book, a couple of weeks ago, that the subject of happy cats had been covered enough for Happy Cat Month.  It wasn’t.  I had barely scratched the surface.  Cats are fascinating creatures to the people who love them and to the biologists who study them.

I also need to update some information about my sister’s newest cat, Random Kitty. After I wrote the book review for Cat Sense, we brought Random to the vet to be spayed and vaccinated.  I pre-paid for the operation then left the clinic.  Later that day, I arrived home to discover a phone message from my sister. She said that the veterinarian had discovered that Random Kitty is not female. They went ahead and neutered him.  This new knowledge caused me to laugh uncontrollably for several minutes and chuckle whenever thinking about the cat.

The fact of Random’s gender answered a few nagging questions I had about his cat-03081516behavior.  I promised to make fewer assumptions about him, in the future.  It also gave me an excuse to post more pictures of the cat to Facebook and to this blog.

The process of keeping Random happy will not be an isolated case.  There is an older cat, Sunshine, to be given equal consideration.  The senior cat does not like the new cat at all. While Random Kitty is eager to make new friends, Sunshine will have none of it. This problem may turn out to be the most serious one.  So far, there is no solution in sight.

Meantime, both cats appear to be happy, if that emotion can be felt by felines.  The have plenty of nutritious food, fresh water, and clean litter boxes. There are plenty of places and opportunities for play and they receive a lot of human love.

Because the cats need separate territories, the old cat gets the run of the living room and the new cat stays in the enclosed porch. When Sunshine goes outdoors for her constitutional, Random is allowed into the living room.  These are attempts to make the two cats more familiar with each others’ scents. So far, this experiment is inconclusive.

Meantime, there is the situation that Random Kitty likes to use me as a toy.  If I am standing, he wants to climb me as if I’m a tree.  That means I must wear thick denim jeans and cover my arms with long sleeves.  If I am sitting, Random will pounce onto my lap but scamper away when I attempt to pet him.

cat-02randomkitty082416hOnly after I wear him down by lengthy play with actual cat toys, does he mellow out. When he’s tired, he’s affectionate.  At those rare restful times, he will bump his nose to mine and allow me to pet him.  When he’s had enough, he curls next to or on top of my feet, dog-like, to nap. Hopefully, as Random Kitty ages, he will be less violent and more lovable.

I do my best to give equal amounts of time to each cat.  Sunshine is easier to please.  She likes to just hang out and let me pet and brush her.  So, when I need a time-out from Random, I visit Sunshine.

As far as the cats go, all we can do is provide them with the necessities and make sure we give them plenty of TLC. They seem to be happy cats.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Albert Schweitzer. “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

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