More Slides from 1986

1986 was a landmark year in many respects. The Human Genome Project was launched and Internet Mail Protocol opened up to become the ubiquitous email. I was in the midst of experimenting with 35mm slides.

There was the funeral of a childhood friend early that year, so I flew to Los Angeles to attend it and to take a mini-vacation from a very hectic work schedule.  It had been many years since I last visited that city, so I decided to travel like a tourist and not a former Californian.


I stayed at a TravLodge in San Bernardino that was close to the freeway.  The overpass provided a perfect perch for a tripod mounted camera to experiment with time exposures. As with the rest of today’s images, I don’t know what type of positive film I used nor any specifics about exposure or shutter speed.


While visiting an old classmate, this street he lived near provided a stereotypical scene of L.A.  How many movies and television shows contain similar shots?


No visit to L.A. is complete until you’ve gone to the ocean.  There are photo opportunities at every step. This is one of the best captures of the entire trip.


At the end of 1986, one of my photo excursions included winter views around Norfolk, Nebraska.  This was taken at Ta Ha Zouka Park on the south edge of town.


The study in perspective was shot in rural Madison County in the closing week of the year.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness says if you want to jog your memory, browse through your collection of old photographs.

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