Bamboo Repot …Floral Friday

Procrastination about repotting my bamboo bush finally came to an end this past Sunday morning.  I felt some trepidation because of my lack of a green thumb and that the plant was a gift for dad’s funeral last year.  I want to keep it healthy for as long as possible.


The poor thing had grown so much that it was top-heavy. The plastic pot inside the original gift basket was now much too small.  Here, it is at an east window next to one of my recent table lamp projects.

In anticipation of the project, I bought a good quality bag of potting soil.  The large plastic pot was in the basement with the remains of a long ago dried up plant of indeterminant species. I dumped the old dirt and plant in the back yard then thoroughly cleaned the container.


The potting instructions specified a drained pot. In this case, the pot was designed with a double bottom to provide this feature.  As an extra measure, I placed a handful of river rocks inside the pot. Then added new potting soil to a depth of one third full.

I removed the bamboo bush from its original container. It was a neat job, because the plant had consumed nearly all of the dirt.  I carefully placed the root ball in the large pot and added new potting soil around the perimeter of the plant, lightly tamping it in the process.  When the dirt was just right, I spread decorative moss around the planting.


In the watering can, I poured a quarter of a capful of “Miracle-Gro” liquid fertilizer and added water. Then I slowly poured the solution around the plant to moisten the soil. The project was finally finished.


So far, the bamboo bush appears to be healthy.  With moderate attention, hopefully it will thrive.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Bruce Lee. “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

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