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Vintage Yellows …Floral Friday

I really wanted to concentrate on a primary color for today’s projects, so I brought out my old color wheel chart, closed my eyes, and dropped a dime onto the page. It landed on yellow. My color preferences have always … Continue reading

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Being A Beast (Review)

Doctor Charles Foster has written a very peculiar book about animals.  It’s not another one of those touchy-feely, idealized bedtime story type of books. Foster’s account goes far beyond the anthropomorphized characters of popular culture.  The book Being a Beast: … Continue reading

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I predict that today you will learn about some form of conflict in the world.  This forecast seems to be a no-brainer, doesn’t it?  Our culture exists within a sea of conflict, so naturally we will learn of a new instance … Continue reading

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I Was A Security Guard

There seems to be a recent tendency in this blog for me to reminisce about my younger years. I suppose when a person taps that well, the memories keep flowing on their own accord. In today’s case, I awoke from … Continue reading

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Disneyland? Nyet!

In 1959, the relationship between The West and the Soviet Union seemed larger than life.  Every diplomatic gesture by either side had drastic implications about the very fate of humanity.  The United States was led by the popular Warld War … Continue reading

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House Plants And Me

The most famous cinematic indoor plant might be the giant man-eating flower in the sci-fi comedy spoof “The Little Shop of Horrors”. The fictional plant was a special crossbred variety between a butterwort and a Venus flytrap. The plant was … Continue reading

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The Emperor Of The United States

Traditionalists decry the City of San Francisco largely due to its historical role of being a haven for non-conformists, free-thinkers, and eccentrics.  There are a lot of us people with personalities like these who would love to live in the … Continue reading

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