Frugal Fun

I’m one of those folks who are easily amused. Sure, I savor the opportunity for travel. I love classical music. Major League Baseball is also a passion. There are a couple of problems with these: I live far from the venues they take place, and they can be rather costly.

That doesn’t mean I have to pine longingly on the sidelines.  There are many enjoyable pursuits that are close to home and cost very little. Many are so near that a car isn’t even necessary. I took a few moments to compile a list of activities a person on a tight budget can enjoy.frugal-01

Maybe you have a curious personality and love to learn new things.  Most areas have a public library nearby.  Certainly, the avid reader will find thousands of books from which to choose. Many libraries periodically host community activities or have special exhibitions or displays. The library is the prime cultural center of a community.

Most of us are within a reasonable distance from a city park, some sort of recreation center, and a swimming pool. There are also state parks within reach of many citizens. Weekenders may be able to take advantage of opportunities for horseback riding, canoeing, paddle boats, trail hiking, camping, and fishing. Some of us are close to a National Park. For a reasonable cost of admission, there are opportunities to take in some of the nation’s beautiful, natural treasures. Parks, big or small offer true recreation.There are always hobbies or creative pursuits you can enjoy in your own home.  Maybe you like to tinker with crafts, electronics, woodworking, painting, or adult coloring books.frugal-04

Many towns and cities celebrate their local history and culture by celebrating some sort of “community days”. These offer the opportunity to not only learn more about your town, but to do so in a festival or fair-like atmosphere.  Oftentimes, there are local bands or drama groups. These are perfect opportunities to discover or rediscover local talent. Most of these activities cost little or nothing at all.

On the same note, some art galleries and museums set aside certain days or hours that are open to all, for discounted prices or maybe even free. Why not take advantage of these times when you can indulge your urges to explore someplace you wouldn’t normally think to go?

If you enjoy a particular team sport, there are plenty of opportunities to take in a local game.  In the warm months, there are non-professional and school affiliated baseball teams who play in local venues. The price of admission is very affordable. Some towns have soccer or rugby teams a person can follow.  In the fall, there are high school and local college football games, usually on Fridays and Saturdays. Small college games are very affordable, major universities, though, are much more expensive. In the winter, most areas have basketball games and some have ice hockey. If you’d rather participate instead of only watching, why not join a team or league?

frugal-02If you like movies, take a break from the teevee and computer by attending a matinee at the local walk-in theatre. Early showings are often lower priced. You have the fun of actually going out.  However, if you must stay at home and don’t have cable or satellite subscriptions, there are movie rentals like “Redbox”, their movies are super cheap.  If there is still a movie rental store in your neighborhood, I recommend browsing through the aisles to select a movie or two that you may not have considered before.

There are always hobbies or creative pursuits you can enjoy in your own home.  Maybe you like to tinker with crafts, electronics, woodworking, painting, or adult coloring books.

These are just a few starter ideas.  Perhaps you know about a few frugal fun activities you really enjoy.

J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness, sometimes just likes to hang out with a pal and engage in friendly conversation or intellectual discussion.

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