Vintage Bowl Planters …Floral Friday

The simple, bowl-shaped ceramic planter has been a mainstay for centerpieces and other floral designs for many decades.  Although they are usually unobtrusive foundations, the right ones greatly affect the outcome of the finished arrangements.


The small, orange California Pottery planter has been sitting empty on top of the refrigerator for about a month just because I love the blazing orange glaze. This week, I finally decided to use it for a very simple statement. Short clipped blades of wheat are all that were needed to bring out the feeling of Autumn.


The Frankoma planter is a thick, hefty piece.  It’s perfect for a generous display of a potpourri of dark flowers.


A hard to find Haeger “Gardenhouse” planter inspired a 1990s style array of silk elements.  The light blue flowers are very old and look best displayed in this understated style.


I have an update of the bamboo plant that was repotted last week.  It looks like the plant is beginning to thrive. One of the vertical stems began to open up with new leaves a couple of days ago. The geometric design is pleasing to the eye.

moi1988bThe Blue Jay of Happiness wonders who is responsible for starting the prejudice against artificial flowers.

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