Food Day Is Today

You might be eating something or thinking about eating something as you read this on your device.  In developed countries, access to food is taken for granted.  While we might be concerned about what we’re going to eat today, more than 805,000,000 people are concerned if they’ll be able to eat today.foodday-01

Along with basic shelter and clean water, food is a basic human right.  Nobody, at all, should have to face chronic hunger and the risk of malnutrition.  Unfortunately, this ideal is far from reality.

Each year, about 5,000,000 children younger than five years of age perish due to malnutrition. 40-percent of children in underdeveloped nations suffer continuing malnutrition with the result being bodily and brain damage. Some 60-percent of the hungry are females.

The hunger problem is often portrayed as happening in some far off nations. If one looks closer, we find that one out of every seven Americans will not have enough to eat today. Every day somebody suffers an accident, a family tragedy, the loss of a job, or decline in health causes a family financial crisis. Because nutritious food is expensive, the loss of income can drastically affect a family’s overall health and well-being.

When poverty and hunger affect individuals and families, people develop learning difficulties, productivity at work declines, illness becomes more frequent, and lives are foodday-03drastically shortened. On a larger scale, hunger leads to national insecurity, and environmental depletion.

This is why social safety nets are so important:  Helpful policy and resiliency standards can be set by intelligent, compassionate groups of concerned people. The most basic needs of everyone can be met if society wants this to happen.

Today is World Food Day, a day of action against hunger. This is when leaders and citizens across the world rededicate themselves to eradicate hunger.

World Food Day commemorates the institution of the “Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on October 16, 1945.  Concerned citizens assembled that day in Quebec, Canada to organize nations and groups in the ongoing movement to end global hunger.foodday-02

World Food Day USA and the Canada Network work in concert with the Food and Agriculture Organization Liaison Office for North America to bring public awareness and engage people in real action against hunger. Many communities will host food drives, walk-a-thons, meal packaging events, and even dinners to motivate people to be part of the solution to this problem.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a zero hunger world as soon as possible.

foodday-04iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the ancient Greek dramatist, Aristophanes.  “Hunger knows no friend but its feeder.”

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