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In A Blink Of Gil Pérez’s Eye

The word “teleportation” brings to mind the the ship to planetary surface mode of transport used in the “Star Trek” television shows. Believers in New Age culture think of teleportation as the transfer of a person or thing from one … Continue reading

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Happy Mole Day

You may glance at today’s title and think of a delicious sauce used in Mexican cuisine, but that is not what I had in mind.  Maybe you thought about the skin blemish, that isn’t it. No, the small, burrowing creature isn’t … Continue reading

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Make A Difference

We sometimes hear about people doing meaningful work for charitable causes.  Obviously, those charities or the community at large benefit by the efforts made by volunteers.  There are also benefits for people who have invested their talents and efforts to make a … Continue reading

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Vintage Artificials …Floral Friday

My friend Jorge dropped by this week and brought me a large basket of flowers.  No, he hadn’t stopped by a florist to buy an autumn bouquet or anything like that.  He had come across some old hand-made silk blooms.  … Continue reading

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Composed Stillness

I’m keeping track of a large daddy-longlegs parked in one of the upper corners of the music room. At first, I thought it might be dead because it hadn’t seemed to move for a couple of days.  I decided to … Continue reading

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I Went To Costco

My friend Dianne is a huge fan of Costco retail warehouse outlets.  Quite frequently she extols the benefits of some product or another that sports the company’s in house brand name or perhaps a great bargain she found by shopping … Continue reading

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Prevent Crime

A couple of weeks ago a Facebook update caught my attention.  On the page for our county’s “exchange”, I scrolled through and found that someone was eliciting sympathy for two friends he referred to as “my favorite peeps”. His story … Continue reading

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