It’s Movember!

When you see one of your male friends or family members sprouting a moustache this month, give him moral support.  There’s a good possibility he’s letting his upper lip whiskers grow in order to help his fellow man.  movember-02

Today is the first day of Movember, 2016.

Men are growing moustaches and enjoying this retro style facial fashion because the stache is a conversation icebreaker. The conversations are about men’s health.  It’s a good time to remind people that Movember is now happening and it’s time for everyone to support awareness and cures for men’s health issues–specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Focus is also on physical inactivity, and mental health issues.

Movember came into being in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. A few pals were at a pub, nursing brewskies discussing the demise of the moustache.  They hit upon the idea of reviving moustaches and to have some good-natured fun in the process.  The friends figured that moustaches could be the catalyst to enable conversations about the awkward topic of men’s health issues in a friendly, non-threatening way.


The challenge is easy. First visit the Movember Foundation at: then get started. They have an extensive website that enables participants from several countries to contribute to research and prevention efforts.  It’s well worth a visit.

Male participants are to begin with a clean-shaven face. So, if you already have a moustache or a beard, that has to go. Thereafter only shave the face, chin, and neck but allow only the upper lip area to grow out.

If you’re going for a neat or stylized moustache, don’t use an electric shaver to trim it.  A scissors or simple safety razor work best for the job.  While you’re at it, you can use a moustache comb or the fine-tooth part of a barber comb to train the moustache hairs if you’re going for a stylized appearance.

By the way, don’t keep touching your moustache.  It’s easy to develop the annoying habit of stroking or scratching an itchy lip area. Practice good hygiene early on to prevent bacterial growth and ingrown hairs.  Basic soap and water should be part of movember-03your daily routine. If you wish, you can finish off with a beard or moustache rinse or lotion.  If you’re going for the Victorian look, some moustache wax is in order.

If you convince your male friends to also grow a stache you can enjoy camaraderie and exchange grooming tips. Maybe your circle of friends can be a sort of informal Movember group to raise public awareness.

Movember isn’t only for men.  Women who support men’s health are known as “Mo Sistas”.  They can do much of what their “Mo Bros” do except grow a stache. Women are welcome in the movement to help raise awareness and have important conversations about men’s health issues.

Why not get involved in the Movember movement. That way, everyone can help to change the face of men’s health.


movember-04iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Mel Brooks. “A cinema villain essentially needs a moustache so he can twiddle with it gleefully as he cooks up his next nasty plan.”

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