Geographic Awareness

A specific Geography course was not a part of my primary or high school education.  The most that can be said of the subject is that it was a unit within Social Studies classwork.  When I was still a boy, the subject of geography was one, upon which, I wish we could have concentrated. The geography units are probably why I loved Social Studies classes so much.


Then, as now, momentous events were taking place in far off countries. I wanted to know exactly where they were happening. I had a small cache of road maps and a couple of well-worn world atlases that I consulted frequently. The family’s Book of Knowledge encyclopedia was the source for further investigation of those countries.geography-03

Instead of posters of pop music stars, I decorated the walls of my bedroom with old maps. One of those large, pull-down, classroom maps would have been nice, but I never had one.

With the advent of the Internet, I have access to nearly any geographical information that is possible to see. Historical data, contemporary images, or “Mapquest” provide endless sources for enjoyment and study. Geography helps in the understanding of historical and current events.

I hope Geography will continue to be taught to pupils so they can learn about the landscape and history of various regions, and nations on Earth. Geography can be the seed for rainy day activities at home.  It can help the mind to cultivate curiosity. Best of all, Geography helps us see our place in this interdependent world.

geography-04iconThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes a quote from writer Robert Byrne.  “Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, flunked geography.”


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